From 11h30 to 17h.

Club Sandwich/ Turkey/ Cheddar/ Tomato/ Egg/ Iceberg lettuce/ Bacon/ Crisps 18

Scampi toast/ Thick slice of sourdough toast/ Mascarpone/ Tomatos/ Lettuce/ Basil 16

Lebanese Wrap/ Humus/ Tabouleh/ Paprika/ Cucumber/ Labneh 15 (V)

Bagel Roast Beef/ Atjar tjampoer/ Hoisin/ Spicy mayonnaise/ Bicky onion 16 

HORTA Quiche/ Green asparagus/ Boursin sauce 16 (V)


HORTA Salad/ Leg of King Crab/ Garlic butter/ Smoked salmon/ Asparagus/ Cherry tomato 32

Caesar Salad/ Grilled farm chicken/ Pancetta/ Egg/ Parmesan crumble/ Caesar dressing 21 

Goat Cheese Salad/ Nuts/ Mesclun/ Mango dressing 20 (V)

Salad Niçoise/ Pan fried tuna/ Tomato/ Beans/ Egg/ Anchovies/ Apple capers/ Olives 24 

Japanese Beef Salad/ Sirloin/ Radish/ Fennel/ Red onion/ Cherry tomato/ Miso 22