Smoked salmon 19
With onion & parsley. Toast & butter.

Fondue Parmesan 12
Croquettes made from different cheeses.

Shrimp croquettes 16
With fried parsley.

Beef carpaccio 18
With curls of Flandrien Grand Cru cheese.

Tomato & shrimps 13
One peeled tomato, stuffed with gray shrimps.

Creamy tomato soup 9


Creamy tomato soup 9

Mediterranean fish soup 12
With rouille & toasts.


Lasagna 15
Layers of pasta with cheese & minced meat in
a creamy tomato sauce.

Spaghetti Bolognese 15

Vegan penne 19
With many tasty vegetables & tomato sauce.



Flemish style 18
Clarified butter, egg and parsley.


Flemish style 22
Clarified butter, egg and parsley. New potatoes.

Smoked salmon 24
With mousseline sauce & mashed potatoes.


With fries, croquettes, rice, potato wedges, or mashed potatoes.

Steak 26
Tender, Belgian steak of +/- 220 gr.

Sirloin Haspengouw 27
Lots of taste.

Lamb burger 19,5
With goat cheese, fresh mint, grilled zucchini
& mango chutney.

Vol au vent 19
Soft chicken pieces in a creamy poultry velouté with meatballs & mushrooms, served on a puff pastry.


Grilled salmon 25
With a creamy sauce with green herbs & potaties.

Fish & chips 19,5
The British classic of battered fried fish and chips. Remoulade sauce.

Fish stew 24
Cod, haddock, scampi & sole roll in a creamy fish sauce. With mashed potatoes. Gratinated.

flemish dishes

Chicory gratin 19
Ham rolls with chicory & cheese sauce au gratin
in the oven. With mashed potatoes.

Beef stew 20
Prepared with dark beer. With chicory salad.

children’s menu

Up to 12 years old.

Captain Haddock 10
Fishsticks with fries or mashed potatoes & a soft drink.
A children’s ice cream for dessert.

Mini Spaghetti 9

Chicken nuggets with apple sauce & fries 9

Children’s ice cream 5